Russian Mail Order Brides

Why Foreigners Are Looking for Russian Wives? The Answer Is in A Personality

She often speaks of love and appreciation

Men really love praise and gratitude. She will never spare good words for him. Men, like women, like to hear the words "I love you." Russian bride gives husband gifts that enclose their care and love, instead of getting off with meaningless souvenirs. Russian bride indulges him with something, especially if she is at home and no one bothers her. For example, a Russian female can give her husband a relaxing massage. You will dream of getting home faster, will miss you and often think about her. Your love and care will not go unnoticed; they can even inspire their husband to the bigger deed. 

Honesty, Fidelity, Devotion of Russian bride

Speaking about what it means to be a good wife, it is impossible not to say just a few words about these qualities of Russian brides. It goes without saying that a good wife should be honest, faithful to her husband, devoting her life to him. After all, it is precisely such an undertaking that you both made upon entering into marriage. And this is the most important thing that a man appreciates in his wife. Much can be forgiven by a beloved bride, but not treason or deceit.

Home comfort of Russian bride

Despite the seeming inability of a man to observe cleanliness and order, you must appreciate home comfort very highly. With this, you will also appreciate your Russian bride, who constantly maintains order in the house and keeps all things clean and tidy. Besides, men really like it when their wife takes care of money and takes their family budget seriously.

Russian bride gives her husband freedom

As a person close to her husband, the Russian bride understands that he has other interests in his life besides her. He has parents, friends, and colleagues who are also part of his life. He can have hobbies. She doesn’t expect constant attention from you. Russian brides will not stop you if you want to go chat with friends or go to the gym. A wife who is trying to prevent this will cause only irritation in man.

Russian bride makes surprises

Men also love surprises and displays of attention. It can be anything - for example, organizing a secret party on the occasion of your birthday, or preparing a script for a stormy night of passion, where she acts as a seducer. Her surprises do not have to be complicated or expensive - the main thing is that they made from the heart and with love. Even if it is just an inscription on a beautiful postcard, you will be touched. And on your very first romantic evening be especially gentle with her. She doesn’t skimp on pleasant surprises for her husband, and the Russian bride knows how to be a good wife.

How to Find A Wife There?

  1. Determine what type of brides you would like to meet, and based on this, select the appropriate website or application. Since there are several sites and online applications for different types of dating, it is important to understand from the very beginning who you want to meet. For example, on mail order bride’ websites, you can meet partners for a romantic, serious, constant and monogamous relationship.

  2. Determine for yourself how much information you are willing to share. Different sites ask for different amounts of information and provide different levels of publicity. Mail order brides’ platforms offer full privacy.

  3. Think about what is your purpose in trying the best Russian dating sites. Dating sites and related apps mean that most of their users are aimed in the future at a personal meeting. On the other hand, the mass casual dating sites are designed solely to give users from different parts of the world the opportunity to share information and very rarely involve personal meetings or relationships in real life. But not mail order bride service. Here you can get the full package. 

Family Values for A Russian Girl

1. Generosity. Giving without thinking “what I will receive in return” is an important quality for those who want to become a responsible, useful member of society. Thanks to the generosity, we manage to empathize, as we try to understand what close people want or need. Being generous does not mean just giving money to everyone who needs it. It is also your time, love, and attention.

2. Responsibility. We all would like to be considered responsible for people. Some of us are such, and some are not at all. Responsibility comes with experience. As a child, you may have been shown how to clean your toys after you play, how to clean your room, how and when to feed a dog. This sense of responsibility increases in adulthood. An adult who has an internal sense of responsibility does not need to be forced to come to work on time, answer phone calls or complete work on time. Show responsibility in the family to instill this quality in each member of the family.

3. Traditions. This is by far the most fun for Russian brides. They think that tradition is what makes a family unique, unites people and creates a sense of belonging for everyone. Traditions do not have to be expensive, complex, or require a lot of preparation. It can be something simple, for example, “lazy Saturday”, when you just have coffee, chat together, or a family gala dinner when the whole family gathers at one table. If you do not currently have traditions in your family, create them! All traditions came from a specific person. Why not let your family traditions begin with you? Get creative and have fun.

4. Connection. It is very important for Russian brides that every member of the family feels that they love him, that he belongs to someone, and that he is significant. Creating a close-knit family means that you spend every free minute together, arrange family events, but keep in mind that all people are different. Creating a strong family relationship is wonderful, but everyone should have freedom for the activity that, in his opinion, brings him pleasure. People become more courageous and risk-averse if they know that they have that safe place where they can return when something failed. Get together as a family not only on special occasions but just spend time together, this helps to strengthen the sense of connection.

First Date – Some Life Hacks

Always respectfully ask for the bride’s desire to meet in real life. If you both have such plans, ask about it politely and respectfully. Offer a safe, public place to meet (for mutual comfort).

  1. Choose a place that will allow both of you to chat as much as you want while leaving anytime. For example, going to the cinema is not the best solution, since talking during the film is unacceptable. Dinner is also not the best option, as it will be embarrassing to leave without eating if the conversation takes an unpleasant turn.

  2. Come to the meeting in advance and carefully take care of your appearance. Meetings with brides from the Internet are not much different from ordinary meetings in the real world. It is impossible to impress a person if you are not trying to make it. 

  3. Refer to the bride as a friend whom you have not seen for many years: with warmth, interest, and respect for personal space. However, do not forget that you are strangers to each other, that you both know too little about each other, and it takes a lot of time to build close relationships, and close relationships in real life are significantly different from close relationships online!

What People Say About Russian Mail-Order-Brides

The fact that brides with Slavic features are extremely attractive to overseas men is true. We wondered why hot Russian girls are so popular in other countries. Are mail order brides real? How foreign women see hot Russian women and what they say about them? And why are Russian women so beautiful?

They are attractive

As recognized by even the most enviable bachelors of the planet, Russian women for marriage are indeed the most beautiful in the world. Probably, the fame of Russian beauties interrupts the myth of bears pacing the streets.

It is believed that brides from this country have a special magnetism and in their eyes "a thousand-year history that causes attraction," as one famous actor said. According to men, these brides clearly understand their role in relationships and the role of men in the couple. Besides, many local brides can boast of a soft character, which simply amazes men from the West.

Family reference

If self-knowledge and career-building play a big role for European and American women, then for Russians, family comfort comes first. Russian brides cannot wait until 35, because from childhood they have been told that they need to get married as soon as possible, and no objections are accepted. However, at the pace of modern life, not all girls are ready to have children up to the “reference” 30, but if such a bride comes across a foreigner, he will be simply happy.

You cannot find a more faithful wife

In some European countries, it is considered perfectly normal to introduce a lover to a husband. Those who do not accept such a relationship are running from all legs into the arms of Russian beauties, who, according to the same men, will devote their whole lives to them. But this is true: Russian brides do not need to seek outside entertainment if the Russian bride decides to marry. For her, treason is not acceptable.

They cook great

From childhood, young Russian girls are raised with the understanding that a man in her family should be fed. With age, the girl realizes that the kitchen is not the only one her “weapon”. However, foreigners are still convinced that the Russian bride will not let him die of starvation.

Hot Russian ladies are restrained and calm

There is an opinion regarding the character of a Russian woman: that, unlike a European bride, a Russian woman will not put too much pressure on her husband, even if he does strange things, the wife will always understand and forgive. However, it all depends on the particular bride, so, dear men, not every Russian woman will be a gift for you.

They believe that the man in the family is the main

With the development of feminism, Western brides are increasingly aggressive in claiming their rights, sometimes crossing all borders. Until this “war of the sexes" has reached Russia, but in the minds of many young women, a man is still in the first place. This situation has developed historically: for various reasons, brides in Russia experienced an acute shortage of manpower, which is why males were considered a great value in the life of any bride.

Foreigners are attracted by this state of affairs because a Russian bride for whom a man in the house is important will not pretend to be the head of the family.

Are Russian Brides Legal?

Hot Russian mail order brides are an absolutely legitimate way to find the best wife. But you must do it as correctly as possible and without breaking the law. Here are two basic conditions:

  • Russian bride must be over 18 years old;

  • Russian bride should not be married.

This information is checked in your place by a marriage agency that provides access to the mail order bride catalog. Your main task is to find a reliable and top agency that provides the most transparent bride search services for you. Remember that trafficking is an illegal activity, so avoid such offers. Use only the services of popular mail order brides’ sites.

What Kind of Men Do Hot Russian Brides Looking For?

1. Responsibility

This is when a man takes full responsibility for a Russian bride. This is a willingness to solve problems, including financial ones.

A responsible man never counts financially on a bride. The only thing he counts on is support and love. Such a man is engaged in male kinds of stuff, he has a global goal in life to which he will go with full confidence that he will achieve this. He also responsibly approaches the circle of his communication, his time, and his health. Shows that he values ​​his life and his time. He is responsible for the decisions made.

A man takes a responsible approach to his choice, he does not lead a loose lifestyle, does not enter into a relationship with other brides. He understands that he is a man and he is responsible for his actions, does not create problems for himself in life. He always thinks before doing.

If he made a promise, he will always keep his word. And nothing will stop him. Behind such a man, a woman feels like behind a stone wall. A real man takes responsibility because responsibility is the lot of the strong.

2. Caring

Of course, a Russian bride is attracted to a man who is ready for anything for her. Who is ready to spend free time with her. He will always give a compliment. He will notice that his woman is upset with something and will correct it. He often gives gifts, speaks affectionate words. He treats a woman with respect.

A caring man will hasten to find out if his bride is tired and whether the Russian bride needs his help. He will give his hand in time, open the door, bring a blanket, etc. He will be attentive to the requests of the Russian bride. A real man does more than he says but speaks beautifully and on business.

3. A sense of humor

A very important quality is a sense of humor. A man who can make a woman laugh makes the Russian bride relaxed. Such a man can always attract the attention of brides since laughter increases the level of endorphin - the hormone of happiness, which relieves tension throughout the body.

A man with a good sense of humor will always be seen by a bride as a very sociable person who can find a common language with people.

Since a Russian bride sometimes can be in a bad mood, a man who has a good sense of humor will always cheer her up, always defuse the situation. And with such a man it’s easy to go through life.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Russian Bride?

You will have to pay for the mail order bride service. You must be aware that there are several circumstances which making membership paid:

  • Tech support. Site specialists should provide you with a high-speed platform that is expensive to maintain;

  • Payment for consultants who will assist you 24/7;

  • Development and improvement of tools and features on sites.

The fees that you pay for your mail order bride by depending on the site, but in general the average cost starts from $1,000 to $25,000. Naturally, if this is a recognizable website, you will pay for its rating and reputation. This does not mean that this cost is too high, but it is a reliable and well-known brand. Here is a list of things that, as usual, create the cost of Russian mail order wives:

  1. In the beginning - a catalog with countless profiles of brides that you can choose for dialogue. The average cost for this varies from 110-130 dollars.

  2. Some girls do not speak English at the level necessary for ordinary communication. That’s why there’s nothing for you to do, except asking the help of a translator. He can assist you when making a phone call or translating messages. And you have to pay about $10 for its service. For 1 working hour, a translator will need about 350 dollars per call.

  3. If you want to send a romantic surprise to the girl, ask the administrator for her address. This information will get out of your pocket $15. If you need a translator for the messages, pay him about $15, and he will do everything possible.

  4. Soon there comes a period when the chat is not enough, and you have to see your bride in real life. This is extremely important before deciding on a marriage: to meet with her family, see her lifestyle, walk Russian bride beloved streets, listen to her voice, etc. The average cost that agencies charge for you for the trip to your sweetheart varies from a minimum of $3,500 to $7,000. Also, add the cost of some sweets, gifts, and all like that.

  5. Imagine that the meeting between you and your chosen one happened, and you both drank coffee in the morning, discussing how your wedding event should be organized. The first thing you need is a K1 visa and a translator, working with documents. All of this will take about 700 dollars.

Always be careful and attentive with the funds you send! If a woman asks you for cash support - think about it before sending the Russian bride a dollar. Russian ladies who seek love require spiritual things, but not material things. When it comes to official payments, make sure you are talking to the website admin or owner.

As you can see, the pleasure of getting a spouse is not extremely expensive for your wallet and it worth each penny for your soul. This is a little stressful, and in some cases, you can feel disappointed or, on the contrary, feel yourself the happiest person in the whole world. You can never predict how this adventure will end and whether these funds will be paid for the success story. In any case, if you understand exactly who is necessary for you, if you are self-confident and full of energy, it is worth experiencing. What if this lottery was for your victory?

Tips to Finding Your Pretty Russian Bride

  1. Think carefully about how to make the most of a positive impression. What people see about you on the Internet will determine their perception of you - and there is no second impression in the online world. If you choose a photo of your face for a dating site, select the most enjoyable photos taken with a high-quality camera.

  2. If you write a short description about yourself, describe your most unusual and fascinating interests. Write complete sentences and check your spelling. Write briefly and to the point. People spend a minimal amount of time to get the first impression of you.

  3. Fill out the profile honestly. Of course, it is important to maintain a certain level of confidentiality and protect your personal information, but at the same time, it is equally important that the information you post about yourself on the Internet is true. If you plan to ever meet Russian women, you should be interested in the person wanting to meet you the way you are in real life. Besides, honesty is the key to developing trusting relationships, especially in an online world full of dangers and tricks.

  4. Fill your profile to the maximum. If you want to attract people to your personality, it is important to provide information about yourself as fully as possible. This demonstrates your willingness to invest your time in relationships, arouses more trust and, in general, attracts more interest and attention.